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WNBA: Women's National Brittney (Griner) Association

Phoenix hits the national airwaves at least six times this year, five times more than four WNBA teams.


Now that the schedules are out, WNBA fans can look at all twelve teams and not just check schedules and appearances on regional networks, but on national TV as well. And when it comes to national network appearances, Phoenix leads the way with #1 2013 WNBA Draft Pick Brittney Griner:

2013 National Television Appearances by WNBA Teams

Phoenix: ESPN2 (5), ABC (1)
Indiana: ESPN2 (3), ABC (1)
Los Angeles: ESPN2 (3)
Tulsa: ESPN2 (3)
Chicago: ESPN2 (2)
Connecticut: ESPN2 (2)
Minnesota: ESPN2 (2)
Seattle: ESPN2 (2)
Atlanta: ESPN2 (1)
New York: ESPN2 (1)
San Antonio: ESPN2 (1)
Washington: ESPN2 (1)

Wow. It looks like Atlanta, New York, San Antonio and Washington can't get any love at all. Tulsa will appear on national TV three times this season - hello, Skylar Diggins! Both of Chicago's appearances on ESPN2 will be against the Mercury, allowing a Griner vs. Delle Donne promotion.

The only matchup on the schedule (so far) on a major network like ABC is Phoenix vs. Indiana - June 8th at 12:30 pm PT/3:30 PM ET. Griner, Diana Taurasi, Tamika Catchings, Lin Dunn...what's not to like about that game? All ABC executives (and Mercury fans) need to do is pray that the injury bug doesn't strike again, and everything should take care of itself.