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Video: Coach Thibault after Mystics win over Team Brazil

Just some quick video of Mike Thibault after the Mystics' win over Team Brazil yesterday. Our thanks to Ed Strand for providing this as well as some video of game action.

I know Coach Thibault mentioned that playoffs were a goal for this team. But I don't know if that's because he really believes it or if he is just saying it. But he has said multiple times that there are no shortcuts to a winning team even he said to that "we kind of need everything now" so he's not delusional.

Basically, this game was a tune up before the Mystics play the Lynx on Saturday, which is Tayler Hill's hometown squad. That game will give a much better test on how good this team may be this year. Again, the good news from yesterday is that we got to see the young players play, and see that Hill is legitimately a major part of this team, maybe even the number one piece for this team.

In addition, Monumental Sports & Entertainment has post game video and more from Coach T, Tayler Hill, Crystal Langhorne, Monique Currie, and friends.

Enjoy watching.