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Liveblog: Atlanta Dream vs Brazil National Team, 7 pm ET

The Atlanta Dream take on the Brazil National Team at 7:00 pm ET at Philips Arena in Atlanta.


Liveblog: For those of you who either have a) a serious Atlanta Dream jones or b) a serious pre-season WNBA Jones, I will be liveblogging this game starting at 6 pm ET in Atlanta.

This experiment will be a half look in the comments/look at the article. I'll be updating the basic text of the article as the game progresses. As I type now, it's 1:15 pm and I have no idea which players from either the Atlanta Dream or Brazil are going to be at this game.

Will Damiras Dantas, the Brazilian point guard, be there? How about Erika de Souza? (And who would she be playing for?) How about Angel McCoughtry, or Sancho Lyttle? Frankly, your guess is as good as mine.

Although trust me - you'll know stuff as soon as I know it. Let the fun begin.

6 PM: I've just arrived. Erika de Souza is here but will be playing for neither team. Erika -- like Angel McCoughtry and Sancho Lyttle -- has only recently arrived in Atlanta. She'll be watching with the rest of us.

6:20 PM: I have some rosters. The listed starters in the game notes are G Ketia Swanier, G Armintie Herrington, G Tiffany Hayes, F Le'Coe Willingham, C Aneika Henry. We have no information about the Brazilian starters.

However, Damiras Dantas is listed on the Brazil roster and the 20 year old F/ C was drafted in the first round last year by the Lynx. I guess we'll find out how good Dantas really is.

6:30 PM: Yelena Leuchanka is also not in Atlanta. Still in Belarus.

6:40 PM: Virtually no one here right now. But I'm not worried. Everyone shows up to games late in Atlanta. I've already seen one Brazilian flag.

6:50 PM: The Brazilian National Anthem is being played.

6:55 PM: The US anthem was played. Boy, the Brazilians have a long national anthem compared to us.

7:15 PM: Dos Santos already has six points. Dream lead 11-7. Full name is Clarissa Cristina dos Santos. I've now moved down to courtside, listening to the Brazilian coach Valentin exhort his team. Debora Fernandes de Costa playing hard, but the Dream have things under control.

7:18 PM: Dream lead 11-10. Dos Santos leads Brazil with six points. Four players of the Dream have scored, with Armintie Herrington (formerly Armintie Price) kept scoreless.

7:23 PM: From what I've seen of Le'coe Wilingham, I've liked what I've seen.

7:29 PM: Jaqueline Silvestre crashed to the floor and was shaken up, stopping play. The refs assessed a full time out as the Brazilian coaches didn't call one. All of Brazil's offense is going through two players. Not a lot of long range shooting. Alex Bentley recovered from a steal from Debora de Costa, getting a steal back and scoring. Courtney Clements also struggled for a bit before breaking free for a fast break. Dream up 19-14. Dream good on interior defense.

7:33 PM: Dream finish the first quarter with a 10-0 run, Dream leading 25-14 at the end of first. Blanche Alverson made an appearance for the Dream awith 1:06 left in the first but didn't make much of an impact. Brazil seemed to slack off at the end of the first, losing the ball, getting a traveling call, etc. The big question is who Senor Fred will keep out on the court for the second quarter. Liking Deborah de Costa - don't know why.

7:39 PM: If preseason games mean anything, Courtney Clements has a real chance to make this team.

7:42 PM: Nascimento isn't looking for anyone else. When she gets it in the paint, she shoots - and misses.

7:44 PM: Dream up 33-16 with 5:24 left in the second. A 12-0 run during the game has pretty much buried the Brazilians. Senor Fred being pretty liberal with his roster. We've seen Sydney Carter make an appearance, as well as Armstrong.

7:47 PM: Clements missed a couple of long bombs. I think she put those up to just give it a try. It wasn't like the visitors were trying to stop her.

7:50 PM: Dream lead 37-20 with 2:12 left in the first half. Clements tried another long three and missed it. Brazil has "poor handles" - making stupid mistakes, low passes down in the post when their teammates aren't ready, laying off on perimeter defense. The big question is if Brazil can make it a fight in the second half - the Dream had a lot of poor third quarters last season.

7:56 PM: Damiras Dantas has sort of faded away.

7:58 PM: End of first half. Dream up 41-26. A friend of mine are trying to figure out the final eleven. Someone has to go home. But who? Clements? Kraayeveld? Swanier? I expect it won't be Bentley or Thomas.

8:04 PM: Sweet halftime entertainment. A display of Brazilian martial arts to Brazilian percussion music.

8:08 PM: I'm sitting at courtside. This is the first time I've had the chance to sit at courtside since I started covering the Dream in 2008. It's a wonderful experience - obviously you can see a lot more up close, but I have to get used to a different viewpoint from the standard overhead. (At Georgia Tech, you're virtually in the crow's nest.)

8:14 PM: Clements leading scorer: 9 pts, 4 reb.

8:22 PM: Slivestre picks up her fourth and fifth fouls in quick succession.

8:25 PM: Brazilian player down. Time out. Can't tell who it is...20 second timeout. Coach out tending to the player.

8:26 PM: It was Dos Santos. She's walking back to the bench, slowly. Just seems to be shaken up.

8:27 PM: Dream up 56-29, after a 10-0 run. Might be 12-0 soon.

8:30 PM: Dream up 60-29. Armintie Herrington putting on a show. Two steals, a drive to the basket, and getting the crowd involved. The sad thing is that she's changed her name from Armintie Price. I used to call her "Half Price" because of her poor free throw shooting - and changing her name seems to have helped. She's definitely hitting above 50 percent in her free throws tonight.

8:34 PM: Dream up 65-29. Dream have a 19-0 run. This game is over.

8:36 PM: Damiris Dantas ends the Dream's 20-0 run. Dream up 66-31.

8:40 PM: Dream up 71-33 at the end of the third quarter - the Brazilians have been lapped. So it's time to start thinking about the players:

Bentley: She'll make the team. She has a lot of strength and she looks very comfortable out there.

Clements: She's made a real argument. If Senor Fred is forced to cut her, it will be at the very end of the season when he's deciding on who that 11th player is going to be . Even so, he'll regret it because some team will pick her up off the waiver wire.

Armstrong: Unless Senor Fred knows something I don't, she'll be cut.

Alverson: I don't see her hanging around either.

8:46 PM: Damiras Dantas picks up foul #4.

8:53 PM: They are shooting T-shirts into the audience. Dream up 85-43 3:54 left. I'm going to close down the blog and get ready for post-game. Thanks for everyone who dropped by to read!