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Washington Mystics Media Day Interviews

Last Thursday, the Washington Mystics held their media day to the public. Watch some videos including with Coach T, Lang, Mo Currie, Kia, Tayler, and more.

I want to thank Ed Strand once again who has done this for us. In addition to being a Mystics season ticket holder, like myself, he also does video work for a local cable television show in Maryland called The Roundball Report which can be watched on Prince George County's Maryland's CTV local network where he is a cameraman for the local show for Washington Wizards games.

I have had a chance to watch some of Roundball Report's programming on Prince George's County, Maryland's CTV YouTube channel and its Sports playlist in particular. They have a lot of good stuff, not just on the Wizards or Mystics, but also local high school and youth basketball.

I hate to dwell on the past, but here is a video below from the Roundball Report on October 1, 2012 soon after the Draft Lottery happened and the major parts of the Manifesto were written. Here you get to hear a rather testy exchange between co-host BJ Jackson and Mystics color analyst Christy Winters-Scott who also contributes to the show:

Still, I really thought this video hit the sentiment of Mystics fans' on the head and I'm glad we're well past that now. The one semi-inaccuracy which is often said on many sites is that Sheila Johnson is the owner of the team, which she is, but she's not the majority owner, though she is the Team President.

...and back to Media Day!

The video above at the top of this post is from the Roundball Report between Winters-Scott and General Manager/Head Coach Mike Thibault. In that video, Coach Thibault was also happy with the team so far in early practices. He also made note of Tayler Hill not hesitating to take NBA length threes and likes her speed. There was a cutoff when Winters-Scott was asking about Ivory Latta.

Next video below is of rookie guard Tayler Hill who was interviewed by Nikki Lewis, another Roundball Report reporter where she talks about adjusting to the WNBA:

And one more "random" tidbit. She's 22... until October 23 per her profile page and shares a name similar to one of the most popular singers in the music industry who had two sold out concerts this past Saturday and Sunday night at Verizon Center. Speaking about all those things, I gotta play an appropriately named video that could fit the theme for this team if the Mystics have a season close to or better than their stretch goal "best case scenario":

Swish Appeal: The only place where Tayler and Taylor can be mentioned logically in the same sentence.

So where were we? :)

...oh yeah! Media Day! (FACE HITS DESK)

I think I'll stop with these Tayler Hill/Taylor Swift puns and semi-random music videos while I'm ahead (which may be breaking the Community Guidelines). This wasn't even the first time that not bringing up the "right kind" of music has been a point of contention on this SB Nation site. MOVING ALONG...

Here's a video between Winters-Scott and Mystics Forward and team leader Crystal Langhorne where she credits Coach Thibault for being a coach who knows exactly what he wants from the players. She is also very happy with the new additions on the team:

Lewis interviews newly acquired center Kia Vaughn, and she gives her unabashed approval of Mike Thibault at the 50 second mark and talked about her times playing against his Connecticut Sun teams:

Last but definitely not least, Lewis also interviews forward Monique Currie who is also really happy with Coach Thibault, and notes that she is now that second oldest player on the team, which is a change from last year at this time for sure. But from seeing how Mo looks, she's definitely ready to play ball and move on from the past.

There are more videos below from Monumental Sports & Entertainment too from last Thursday. Click below to watch:

As we told you yesterday, the Mystics cut Shannon Bobbitt, Ashley Corral, and Avery Warley, but they also gave videos last Thursday at Media Day and they're here below:

More videos from Monumental Network from waived players: Bobbitt Corral Warley

In conclusion...

So that's it with the Media Day videos. The Mystics will play their first home preseason game this Wednesday at 11:30 AM Eastern vs. the Brazil national team, which coincidentally played at Verizon Center last summer in the Team USA vs. Team Brazil doubleheader.

Hope you enjoyed the videos everyone. Right now the season hasn't started yet and I am hopeful that this season will be better than last and confident that it will. I just wish I was 22 again.