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Louisville Men's Basketball Head Coach Rick Pitino is heading to New Orleans...without his team due to an NCAA waiver that came too late

According to an article by Steve Jones of the Courier Journal, Louisville men's basketball head coach Rick Pitino will be in New Orleans to support the women's basketball team in the national championship game tonight after winning it all yesterday against Michigan.

Unfortunately, the men's basketball team will not be in New Orleans to support their women's counterparts tonight due to NCAA rules which prohibit players getting complimentary trips unless they pay for the transportation themselves. While the NCAA granted a waiver to the men's basketball team to be able to go to New Orleans on the University's dime early today, Louisville already finalized plans to bring the team back to campus.

The NCAA is an organization that is meant to ensure the amateur status of student athletes and I get all that. But considering this type of a situation where student athletes could take part in supporting their classmates as an improper benefit? Give me a break!

It's common sense to let them watch and this decision should have been made right when it was known that both teams would be in the championship game, instead of the day after the men's basketball championship!