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Video: Cal's Eliza Pierre on her defensive assignment against Louisville

Eliza Pierre chats with Lindsay Brauner of California Golden Blogs about the Final Four, her defensive assignment against the Louisville Cardinals, and mohawks.

SB Nation's California Golden Blogs also has folks in New Orleans and has put together a whole bunch of video content previewing the California Golden Bears' matchup with the Louisville Cardinals in today's first Final Four game.

Here's the list: Brittany Boyd | Eliza Pierre | Louisville head coach Jeff Walz | Rebecca Lobo | Carolyn Peck

Eliza Pierre's stood out to me primarily because I see her role on the defensive end as particularly significant to today's game against Louisville. An excerpt from the interview:

LB: Who are you going to be guarding?

EP: Everyone! I'm gonna guard the coach if he comes out on the floor! I'll be guarding any one of the point guards, most likely-stopping ball, starting the defense off, and then having Layshia, Brittany, Afure, Mikayla, anybody else who is in the game, backing me up. I have full trust in them, they have full trust in me. We're just going to try to get it done.

She's not lying that she's capable of guarding everyone: it's what she does. And it's part of what makes watching Cal so fun.

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