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2013 Final Four tidbits from Louisville's Jeff Walz: Griner, sideline style, and unexpected scoring

Louisville Cardinals coach Jeff Walz comments on Brittney Griner's chances of competing in the NBA, sideline attire, and the team's unexpected scoring burst in the Sweet 16 of the 2013 NCAA Tournament.


On Brittany Griner

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban might draft Baylor Lady Bears star Brittney Griner in the second round of the upcoming NBA draft.

Publicity stunt, says Louisville coach Jeff Walz.

Walz played college basketball and he knows how physical the men's college game is and how especially physical is the NBA.

"I would think it would be a little bit of a stretch for her to try to sit there and try and go out and play in the NBA," Walz said. "I'm not sure how she would fare against Dwight Howard. I mean, she might be okay.

"In our game, I would hope that she'd just stay with the WNBA because she's got the opportunity to make a huge impact and continue to improve what we already have. And I consider it a very good professional game that I'd hate to see her try to go over there and do that, and I'm not sure it would be really for her or would it be for publicity to try to say, 'Hey, look at what we did in Dallas, look what we've done.' I'm not sure which it would be. But I hope she goes to the WNBA, and there's no doubt in my mind she'll have an unbelievable career."

Ultimately, he recognizes how talented Griner is and feels that she will be a great WNBA player. And that is where she most likely to play Cuban notwithstanding.


Louisville Cardinals coach Jeff Walz is as much about style as substance: he petitioned his athletic director, Tom Jurich, long ago to not wear a jacket and tie. Request granted.

On to the substance.


Walz knew that Baylor would have the two best players on the court against Louisville. He wanted to stop the best of the two. the soon to be player of the year by the name of griner. so he devised a defense to stop her and to hold Baylor under 70 points.

Mission almost accomplished: he stopped Griner but Baylor scored 81 points. What he didn't expect is that his Cardinals would score 82 points, the most against Baylor in the Griner era.

Walz had every confidence against Tennessee and his troops kept up the same offensive effort.

He knows his coaching task against the California Golden Bears: stop the cal guards and keep his kids loose.

If past is prologue he will be successful on both counts and take his team to an all Big East final.

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