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What does Tim Pernetti's resignation mean for Rutgers women's basketball coach Vivian Stringer?

The Mike Rice scandal at Rutgers University has been ugly and has claimed two people's jobs. But what does it mean for Vivian Stringer?


The Rutgers saga is sad for me to watch.

Sad as an alum. Sad as a person interested in sports. Just plain sad.

The performance at the press conference by new Rutgers University President Robert Barchi bordered on the incompetent. He made jokes. he had his facts wrong. he looked out to the crowd of reporters for answers. clearly he was a big loser.

Tim Pernetti was one of the most competent and respected AD's in the country. Bright, eruidite, savvy - he had it all. Without him, no Big Ten for Rutgers. He lost out with his resignation.

Vivian Stringer was not at the press conference. She was not quoted. But she was relevant: she has one year remaining on her contract. It's unlikel she would have been renewed by Pernetti. No way her brother-agent was any match for Pernetti. With a new AD coming in maybe in May after a national search, Stringer will be safe. A Hall of Fame coach, no matter how encumbered with issues in her program, will survive. She won't be let go in year one of a new AD, no matter how strong.

Best guess. She will be extended at a lower salary and with more monetary incentives. That won't improve her coaching, but will add stability to the first year tenure of any AD. And maybe she will win in the Big Ten, starting in 2014. At least she won't have to battle Notre Dame and UConn anymore. Stringer was a big winner.