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NBA Board of Governors' Finance and Relocation committees to hear Sacramento and Seattle cases regarding Sacramento Kings

Tomorrow, a group of NBA team owners who are part of the league's Finance and Relocation committees will listen to hearings in regards to the Sacramento Kings' pending sale to Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer, and whether relocation is recommended. In addition to Hansen and Ballmer, Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson will also make a case as to why Sacramento deserves to keep its NBA team.

The final decision by the NBA Board of Governors' will likely come on April 18-19 in regards to the franchise's fate for the 2013-2014 season when all owners will vote on the Kings' situation.

In addition, SB Nation now has a new blog for Seattle SuperSonics fans by acquiring Sonics Rising to the SB Nation NBA network which we are also part of. Sonics Rising has been in operation since 2005 covering SuperSonics basketball and continued to be active after the franchise was relocated to Oklahoma City in 2008. The addition of Sonics Rising should not be taken as an implication that the Kings will be relocating next season or as an endorsement in favor of it.

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