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Should Georgia have fouled at the end of regulation against Cal?

Ted Lee of brought up a question that crossed my mind after the California Golden Bears' overtime win over the Georgia Bulldogs to advance to the Final Four: should Georgia have fouled at the end of that overtime period?

They chose to defend the possession, which chewed up more than 20 seconds and meant that they wouldn't get the ball back until there were less than 40 seconds left...If they fouled Cal, whether the Bears made zero, one, or both free throws, it would still be a two possession game and they'd have have about a minute left to work with. Cal hadn't shot free throws well all game, and it was missed free throws that were a big reason why the game went into overtime. But after Clarendon's lay-up gave Cal a six point lead with 38 seconds left, Georgia [wasn't] able to [score] until there [were] 16 seconds left, but down four, it was all but hopeless.

Two things to add to this: first, for those still unfamiliar with Cal, it's not only that they were 12-for-24 last night but also that they're just not a good free throw shooting team period - they only shot 61% for the season.

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