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Phoenix Mercury center Brittney Griner gives interview to XTRA Sports 910's Bickley and MJ in Phoenix

Here's a link to, which has an audio file of an interview that Phoenix Mercury center Brittney Griner gave to XTRA Sports 910's Bickley and MJ which was done yesterday.

Most of the interview centers on Griner's plans on the impact she'd like to make on the Mercury; how this 2013 Draft Class could be like the quarterbacks in the 2012 NFL Draft class which include Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, and Russell Wilson; how she's going to work with franchise star Diana Taurasi; and about her fandom for Jimi Hendrix.

And if you're wondering about the Mark Cuban talk and about whether she'd join an NBA Summer League Team, here's a quote:

First talk it over with the Mercury. First things first, I want to be there with my new team and take care of all that first. The WNBA, that’s where my heart lies, so they’re not going to steal me away from the WNBA at all. Everybody thinks I’m going to leave the Mercury or leave the WNBA, and I’m not.

Safe to say that she's in Phoenix for the whole season.

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