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A'dia Mathies has support from former WNBA player Ukari Figgs

Video of A'Dia Mathies' press conference after being selected 10th overall in the 2013 WNBA Draft by the Los Angeles Sparks (via CommonWealthNetwork2).

In her comments about being selected 10th overall by the L.A. Sparks during Monday's WNBA Draft, A'dia Mathies mentioned working with Ukari Figgs who is currently Kentucky's Assistant Athletics Director for Women's Basketball and a former member of the Los Angeles Sparks herself.

Gary Graves of the AP has also relayed Figgs' thoughts on Mathies' WNBA potential.

Kentucky assistant athletic director Ukari Figgs believes that's just a matter of Mathies continuing to show her versatility.

"I think A'dia's going to be somebody that can come in and do a little bit of everything," said Figgs, who helped the Sparks win the 2001 championship during a five-year WNBA career. "That's what makes her special. Playing professional basketball, you have to be pretty versatile to make an 11-player roster.

"She can back up the point guard, she shoots well enough to play the 2 guard position and defensively she can guard an array of guards on the perimeter. She puts herself in a good position to be able do a little bit of everything."

The major question I'd have in response to Figgs' comments: how much did Mathies play point guard at Kentucky? Her pure point rating of -1.16 is actually higher than a couple of point guards drafted this season, but efficiently running point in the WNBA is a tough transition for the majority of guards.

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