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2013 WNBA Draft: Minnesota Lynx add Waltiea Rolle with 36th pick

With the 36th pick in the draft, the Minnesota Lynx selected Waltiea Rolle.

We haven't talked about her all that much, but did summarize her as one of the draft prospects in the Bridgeport region.

Senior Waltiea Rolle is in the top 30 in the nation in block percentage with a strong 6.2% rate and that will probably draw the attention of general managers looking for someone to defend the rim, as Bemiss' rating suggests. On the other end of the floor, her offensive rebounding percentage (11.32%) is strong enough to suggest that she could compete on the boards.

The problem is that her scoring efficiency (51.04%) is beneath the threshold of a successful center prospect over the last few years and she neither gets to the line nor converts free throws very often considering her size. In the end, you can't teach height and it's likely that someone will look her direction on draft day.

For a bit more on how she compares to other center prospects, check out today's post.