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2013 WNBA Draft: Washington Mystics select Nadirah McKenith 17th overall

Wows: Love this pick for the Mystics. I had McKenith rated ahead of Bentley or Whyte as a point guard in this draft. And the reason is that she maintained a strong assist ratio despite having to score so much for her team. She has pretty strong potential as a WNBA point guard. And just because this probably won't get talked about much, she rebounds very well for a point guard.

Wonders: She's not a very strong 3-point shooter, but that doesn't always doom point guard prospects.

Worries: So maybe I've been listening to Queenie and Starkman too much, but I really like McKenith as a point guard. The only concerns I've had is that at times she can get too aggressive. But again, the reason for that was St. John's needed her to score a lot. She has the makings of someone who can contribute at the WNBA level.