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2013 WNBA Draft: Connecticut Sun select Kelly Faris 11th overall

Wows: Faris went from an extremely low usage player who was on the border of being a strong prospect to an astronomically high efficiency player who knows how to navigate space, knock down threes, and set up teammates. And defensively she was responsible for helping to shut down Notre Dame's perimeter players in the Final Four.

Wonders: The only real question is whether she'll have a bigger immediate impact on defense or offense as she makes the transition to the league. She has all the tools to be a player right away.

Also, how many UConn players does this team really need?

Worries: Does it matter that she's still such a low usage player? No player with a usage rate as low as hers has really made an impact in the league since the change to 11-player rosters so it will be interesting to see how that plays out.