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2013 WNBA Draft: New York Liberty select Toni Young seventh overall

Wows: How about being an Olympic-caliber athlete? She didn't quite make the London Olympics, but that jumping ability has translated into outstanding offensive rebounding in college. If a team can get her opportunities to score in transition, she could be a very productive player.

Wonders: She has a slender build so will strength be an issue at all? Is it possible that she's quick enough and has the instincts to defend out on the perimeter? That versatility could really help her stick around.

Worries: She was not a very efficient scorer at the college level and that has been a good sign for power forward prospects in the past. Part of that might be that she's a bit more of an inside-out player than most power forward prospects, but how she's able to score at the WNBA level will be interesting to watch.