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Final draft board for the 2013 WNBA Draft

We'll be tracking the 2013 WNBA Draft as it goes tonight, but here is a final draft board after all that analysis over the past few months.


As I said when the last draft board was posted, it was my plan to post an updated final draft board.

Bear in mind this is not a predictive order - especially not within tiers - but gauging the level of risk based on all of those draft statistics. And a couple other notes that can't be forgotten here:

  • The first four tiers have only 12 players. That would make them candidates for the first round. Tier 5 could be considered second round picks, but obviously not everybody has the same draft board as me so those are all candidates for the first round. By the time we get to Tier 6 and 7, we're talking about the third round and it's a little bit more hit or miss.
  • Medical reports are important and I don't have those assessments from teams, but they do take them into account.

Without further ado, the draft board:

Tier 1

Brittney Griner

Elena Delle Donne

Tier 2

Skylar Diggins

Tayler Hill

Tier 3

Point guard

Lindsey Moore


Layshia Clarendon

Kelly Faris


Kayla Alexander

Tier 4


Nadirah McKenith


Kelsey Bone

Tianna Hawkins

Toni Young

Tier 5

Point guard

Alex Bentley

Angel Goodrich

Chelsea Hopkins


A'dia Mathies

Niveen Rasheed

Markel Walker


Morgan Johnson

Karisma Penn

Chelsea Poppens

Chelsea Davis

Tier 6


Alexa Deluzio

Jordan Madden

Adrian Ritchie

Sugar Rodgers

Leonor Rodriguez

Shenneika Smith

Carmen Tyson-Thomas

Kamiko Williams


Carolyn Davis

Jasmine Hassell

Destiny Williams

Tier 7

Point guard

Brittany Chambers

Jasmine James

Davellyn Whyte


Chynna Brown

Adrienne GodBold

Kimetria Hayden

Adrienne Webb


Talia Caldwell

Nikki Greene

Brooklyn Pope

Laura Sweeney