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Phoenix Mercury has a list of 2013 WNBA Mock Drafts

The Phoenix Mercury, the team with the first pick in the 2013 Draft has a huge Draft Central page which can be accessed here. You can read more on the "Big Three," past number one picks, and other draft prospect related analysis, at least from the perspective of a Mercury fan.

The fun part is the Mock Draft section which includes one from our boss, Nate. Take a look at his picks here. In addition, Kevin Pelton of ESPN, Odeen Domingo of the Arizona Republic, Doug Feinberg of the AP, David Siegel of, and Al Bravo of the AP also created mock drafts.

We'll cut to the chase here. The top three for everyone except Al Bravo was Griner-Delle Donne-Diggins from first to third. Bravo had the second pick going to Diggins and with Delle Donne going to Tulsa at third.

At the fourth pick, things get interesting.

Nate has the Washington Mystics selecting a guard, Tayler Hill of Ohio State at the fourth pick given the need to add guards, which I have noted, since there needs to be immediate help there. But the other mock drafts had post players Tianna Hawkins of Maryland (Pelton and Feinberg) and Kelsey Bone of Texas A&M (Domingo and Siegel) going to DC. Bravo had Syracuse center Kayla Alexander as the fourth pick.

With four different players tabbed as possible #4 picks, the Mystics seem to have a very tough task. With the exception of Swish Appeal where we believe the Mystics will end up picking a guard, most of the other guys think that they should pick a post, which would only add to an already current imbalance between perimeter and interior depth on the team.

UPDATE at 3:10 PM ET, April 11, 2013 - H/T to blackandgoldforever who found that the Mercury updated the draft site.