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Chelsea Poppens waits for the call

If a player hasn't gotten the invite by now to show up in Bristol, Connecticut on Monday, April 15th, what can we say about her final draft position?

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According to the Des Moines Register, Chelsea Poppens of Iowa State haven't heard much from anyone in the WNBA.

"[Poppens and Anna Prins] said information and feedback from WNBA teams was tough to come by and that they hadn’t signed agents."

So clearly, it's not like there are any teams on the phone. But isn't she highly touted by several mock draft boards? has Poppens as a second round draft pick and the WNBA Mock Draft Blog had her as a second round draft pick as late as April 1st.

Poppens doesn't think much of the projections.

“I’m sure the mock drafts aren’t very accurate, so I can’t really look at those anyway,” said Poppens, an Aplington native.

So let's look back at last year's draft, the 2012 WNBA Draft. Several players were invited, and let's take a look at who was physically present at the draft in Bristol, Connecticut and who wasn't:


1. Nneka Ogwumike - present
2. Shekinna Stricklen - present
3. Devereaux Peters - present
4. Glory Johnson - present
5. Shenise Johnson - present
6. Samantha Prehalis - present
7. Kelley Cain - not available, playing overseas
8. Natalie Novosel - present
9. Astan Dabo - overseas player
10. LaSondra Barrett - present
11. Sasha Goodlett - present
12. Damiris Dantas - overseas player

Summary: Everyone who was drafted in the first round either physically showed up to the draft or had a good reason for not being there.


1. Farhiya Abdi - overseas player
2. Tiffany Hayes - present
3. Khadijah Rushdan - NOT PRESENT (watching at home)
4. Tyra White - ? no photographs and no information, probably NOT PRESENT
5. Riquna Williams - present
6. Julie Wotja - present
7. Kayla Standish - present
8. Nika Barič - overseas player
9. Chay Shegog - NOT PRESENT (playing pick-up basketball)
10. Keisha Hampton - NOT PRESENT (watching at home)
11. Shey Peddy - ? no photographs and no information, probably NOT PRESENT
12. C'eria Ricketts - ? no photographs and no information, probably NOT PRESENT

Two players were overseas players. Discounting those players, four picks were present at Draft HQ and six were not present at the draft.


Summary: Of the 11 players (discounting Isabelle Yacoubou, who was a foreign player whose pick by Atlanta was voided), only one - Vicki Baugh - was present at Draft Day.


Look at the list of players who get invited to show up at the WNBA Draft as soon as it is released. Most likely, every first round player will be someone in that list unless they're an overseas player. So if you don't get invited to show up at Draft Headquarters, you're probably not going to be a first round pick. If Chelsea Poppens doesn't get an airplane ticket to Bristol, Connecticut in a few days it probably makes more sense to stay home and watch on TV.

UPDATE: The WNBA just released its list, and Poppens is not on it. Expect Poppens to go in the second round or later.