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A Sea of Blue: Kentucky's guards are key to Elite Eight meeting with UConn

In light of this weekend's upsets in the 2013 NCAA Tournament, it's hard to take any games for granted.

And as Greg Alan Edwards of SB Nation's A Sea of Blue writes, the Kentucky Wildcats have a better team this year than the one that fell to the Connecticut Huskies last year and have a chance to win if things go their way.

Jennifer O'Neill and A'Dia Mathies will be other keys to this game. If UK's guards can get out and get hot from the perimeter, possibly borrowing from the Louisville Lady Cardinals' game plan last night, this game can be a win for Kentucky. The Cats will have to work this game outside in on offense, and inside out on defense. They must get the press up and running, force UConn to run with them for the game, and a Final Four is within their grasp.

The turnover battle might be key to this one as both teams thrive on a large turnover differential; in today's matchup, somebody is going to have to come out on top in turnovers (and offensive rebounding) and if Kentucky can capitalize on that with high percentage scoring opportunities an upset is possible.

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