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Card Chronicle: Louisville's upset of Baylor tops men's run to the 2012 Final Four

The Louisville Cardinals' NCAA Tournament run isn't over, but you can probably understand why fans of the program have already considered the team's legacy after their stunning upset of the Baylor Lady Bears.

Mike Rutherford of SB Nation's Card Chronicle touched on it briefly in his summary of the upset.

As improbable as the U of L men's run to the Final Four was a season ago, I think this one - even if the ladies lose tomorrow - has it topped. This team has been ravaged by injuries and had to go through what most people believed to be (and with good reason) an unstoppable force. Now they're just two wins away from playing for a national title.

The Louisville men made it to the Final Four last season as a four seed before falling to eventual champion Kentucky. While that was certainly unexpected, it doesn't match beating a team that looked as unstoppable as Baylor. It might also be interesting to discuss where this team stands relative to the 2009 Louisville women's basketball team, a 3 seed, that upset two #1 seeds to make the National Championship game, no small feat in women's basketball.

While it might be too early to discuss, beating a team like Baylor led by a player like Brittney Griner is tough to top.

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