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Geno Auriemma on being in the Elite Eight, Kentucky, and Stefanie Dolson

Connecticut Huskies coach Geno Auriemma chats about chats about returning to the Elite Eight, facing the Kentucky Wildcats, and center Stefanie Dolson's toughness in playing hurt.


Q: Talk about the Elite 8 game in general?

Geno Auriemma: It is one of the most fun games to play.

Q: How have you gotten to so many Elite 8 games?

GA: It has been a group of really, really, really good players. Lots of high school All-Americans. In 1991 we went to the Final Four with no high school All-American. In 1995, we had 2. Now we have many more. The hard part is getting those players.

Q: Do you see someone stepping up big now going forward?

GA: I don't know who that person is right now. It might be Kaleena (Mosqueda-Lewis). That is a lot to put on a sophomore. I'm not even sure if the player knows yet.

Q: What is your biggest concern with Kentucky?

GA: They are a different team than from last year. Unfortunate that we have to play them and they have to play us 2 years in a row. They have much more of an inside game. Their guards are shooting the ball better. Their defense has always been good. We want to play at our pace and not what they want to do.

Q: Talk About Stefanie Dolson's toughness?

GA: I don't know that 2 years ago she could have played (Saturday). She might have had trouble keeping her emotions in check.

Q: Why have you stayed at UConn for so long?

GA: Early on I might have left but the options were no there for me. Not even after 1995.

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