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2013 SEC tournament preview: How Kentucky's offense caught up to their defense

In his preview of the Kentucky Wildcats' SEC tournament semifinal game against the Georgia Bulldogs, Greg Alan Edwards of SB Nation's A Sea of Blue described how coach Matthew Mithchell's rotations have helped the offense.

Whereas before the offense could control the pace of the game by slowing it down at times, Mitchell now has them stepping on the accelerator on offense too. By making 5 for 5 frontline and backline substitutions, using 4 minute segments, and allowing players to stay no more than those 4 minutes, he has fresh legs on the floor at all times. The combination of speed, skill, and depth is allowing a fresh, rested, and hungry Kentucky team to take the floor against Georgia today.

The other thing that could help the Wildcats: 3-point shooting. When they're getting up and down the floor and hitting threes, they're extremely difficult to beat.

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