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SEC Tournament Day 2 wrap-up: Sydney Moss shines, Kentucky's depth, Kelsey Bone's injury

The quarterfinals of the 2013 SEC tournament saw the higher seeds advancing, but one player managed to shine even in a loss.


Player of the Day: Sydney Moss

Even in their loss to Tennessee, Florida guard Sydney Moss was the best player on the floor. She scored in such a variety of ways, whether it was on the perimeter or in transition. To be only a freshman and to have that type of performance - 22 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists. She has “special” written all over her and will be a force in the SEC for years to come. If she continues to hone her craft and works diligently, she has the potential of being Player of the Year one day.

Team of the Day: Kentucky

The Wildcats were the best team on Day 2 of the SEC Tournament. They are deep, fast and very talented; they literally dismantled Vanderbilt from the outset. The Commodores have done fairly well in recent memory in the SEC tournament, but the frenetic pace that Kentucky played with was too much for them.

One key stat from the game: nine turnovers by Vanderbilt’s Jasmine Lister.

Surprises: Kentucky’s depth

Everyone knows how good the Wildcats are, but when you can sub in a new five at almost every five minute interval and not lose any rhythm -- that speaks to not just their deepness as a team but great talent from top to bottom.

Things of note:

Kelsey Bone's injury:
She injured her right knee last night; it looked like her knee buckled. She was able to continue albeit with a brace on and clearly was not 100%. How much will that affect her in today’s game against Tennessee?

Tennessee’s defense: Even though the Lady Vols were able to control the temp, they still gave up way too many open looks which could come back to haunt them. If they plan on winning the SEC championship, their defense has to improve -- if not, the #1 see will be eliminated.

“We’ve got to go back to the drawing board,” said Tennessee head coach Holly Warlick. “We got to get down and defend some people. We’re not going to always out-score people; we’ve got to make defense our priority.”