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Q&A with Princeton's Niveen Rasheed

The Princeton women's basketball team will celebrate their historic senior class this weekend with a chance to win its fourth consecutive outright Ivy League title with a pair of wins. Niveen Rasheed is a 6'0" senior guard and co-captain for the 19-6 Tigers. She is from Danville, California. She recently answered a few questions about her career and professional basketball aspirations. (Rasheed is also discussed at the 17:30 mark in the video above.)

1. What were your final college choices and what made you choose Princeton?

Niveen Rasheed: It came down to a couple of Pac 12 and WCC schools. Princeton was the only Ivy League choice I was considering. Princeton really sold me on my official visit, everything just felt right.

2. What has it been like playing for coach Banghart?

NR: It has been amazing playing for Coach Banghart, I have so much respect for her. She is a great coach who makes it easy to play for her, and she is great person off the court too.

3. It appears that you are a Stephen Curry fan, have you ever met him?

NR: I love Steph Curry, but unfortunately have never met him!

4. Are you planning on playing in the WNBA and if that does not work out would you play in Europe?

NR: I am planning on furthering my basketball career, and I will be grateful whatever path that may be.

5. What was the most exciting game of your Princeton career and why?

NR: The most exciting game of my Princeton career would have to be our USC game from the 2010-2011 season, where we won in the final seconds off a free throw.

6. What are you writing your senior thesis on?

NR: I am writing on the effects of USAID to Palestine, and whether it is helping the Palestinians reach a two state solution or sustaining the occupation.

7. You probably had some cabin fever during that snow weekend in February, how did your and your teammates occupy yourselves?

NR: We all embraced our inner nerd. The seniors were happy because it forced us to work on our theses.

8. Have you enjoyed your college career as much as you anticipated?

NR: My college career has been greater than I could have ever imagined. I just can't believe how fast time went from
Freshman year to now!

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