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2013 SEC tournament: brief Tennessee vs. Florida preview from Rocky Top Talk

David Hooper over at SB Nation's Rocky Top Talk shared some brief thoughts about Tennessee's matchup with the Florida Gators today.

Florida, meanwhile, will use an 8-player rotation. They eked out the win yesterday, but committed 21 turnovers in the process (many of which were unforced traveling violations). Perhaps some of that was tournament jitter, but if they have that kind of ball control trouble today this game will end quickly. They are a well balanced team, but they are also not special at any particular position. This is particularly good for Tennessee in the interior, where Graves won't have Harrison around to prevent double teams (though Burdick should help out here). Florida will also not want to get involved in a fast paced game (Arkansas opened up an 11 point lead almost entirely off fast breaks), so the more transition we see, the better Tennessee's odds are.

The game begins at noon EDT. Head over to RTT for their game thread and a brief rundown of every SEC tournament game today.