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2013 SEC tournament: Why Texas A&M's loss to LSU might not end up being as bad as it seemed

Jim Hu over at SB Nation's Texas A&M site Good Bull Hunting previewed the Aggies' SEC tournament draw, suggesting that the loss on Senior Day - the fourth in five games - might not actually end up being such a bad thing.

As tough as it will be to get past S. Carolina, ironically, losing to LSU on Senior Day has the unintended benefit of avoiding a rubber match with Vandy or LSU...If A&M shakes off the late-season doldrums and takes care of S. Carolina, playing #1 Tenn might be a slightly easier path to the championship game than having to play UK again in the semis, simply because of injuries. Isabelle Harrison is out again, and Kamiko Williams sprained both ankles in the season finale. But it will all be moot if Coach Blair can't reenergize his youngsters.

Of course, just getting past South Carolina is no simple task and getting that done will be the Aggies' first order of business today.

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