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Brianna Sanders' Day 2 Journal: Ohio State's preparations before beating Minnesota

The third time was the charm for the Ohio State Buckeyes against the Minnesota Golden Gophers as they won their meeting in the first round of the Big Ten tournament yesterday.


Day 2:

Game day!!! Today we take on Minnesota for the first round of the Big Ten tournament. This season we went 0-2 against them, but I truly believe that if we continue to play like we have these past three games, we will be fine. I woke up around 8 am and watched a little bit of ESPN before heading to breakfast in the hotel with the rest of the team. Breakfast is my favorite meal, only because I am in love with bacon! If you give me a plate full of bacon, I promise I will be the happiest lady in world!

Shortly after breakfast, we headed to a community college close by for shoot around. We got a lot of shots up, and of course we went over different offensive sets that Minnesota could possibly throw our way. They are a great team with an amazing guard and a very active post player, so we have to make sure we are focused and ready for everything and anything.

After shoot around we go back to the hotel and have a little time to relax before we have pregame meal. We are staying at the Hilton, and they have this bath and body works lotion that I love in the rooms. I have been sneaking in my teammate’s room and "borrowing" it. Don't tell anybody though! At pregame meal we watch film as well. We look over different sets and go over personnel for each player. This is when we begin to get into game mode, and focus on what needs to be done once we get on the floor.

Heading to the arena is a quite ride for the most part. Everyone has on their headphones and gets into their zone. It's game time. Time to get the win…..


We won!!! Finally beat Minnesota for the first time this season! It was a back and forth first half but in the second half we made drastic changes offensively and defensively -- and got the job done. Next stop, Penn State. Until next time... Go Bucks!