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Golden Blogs: Should Cal be considered a lock for the 2013 Pac-12 tournament finals?

In his preview of the Pac-12 conference tournament, norcalnick of California Golden Blogs took a look at what's at stake for the California Golden Bears in the 2013 Pac-12 Tournament.

Obviously, the tournament offers the opportunity to win the tournament outright after sharing the regular season title with rival Stanford. But norcalnick isn't taking a conference finals appearance for granted.

Should Cal fans take a tournament final appearance as a given? No, probably not. On the downside, Cal's likely tournament path will be an L.A. double header, with probable opponents USC and UCLA looking to ruin things. USC is easily the toughest matchup for Cal amongst lower seeded teams. And while Colorado played the Bears tougher than UCLA, the Bruins are too talented to discount.

USC will in fact be their opponent today after beating Oregon State in the first round. Cal beat USC by 8 points in overtime at Haas Pavilion before beating them by 8 in regulation in L.A.

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