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FGCU guard Brittany Kennedy's journal entry: Getting ready for the Atlantic Sun tournament

The 25-5 FGCU Eagles will enter the 2013 Atlantic Sun tournament tomorrow on a 19-game winning streak and beat first round opponent Kennesaw State 74-36 this past Saturday. As a special preview of the conference tournament, guard Brittany Kennedy gives us an insider look at how the team prepared for the postseason, which included playing a game of tag.

Photo by Tim Cowie.

Hello Everyone,

Being able to sleep in helped to get through the day -- it’s much nicer to have my alarm go off at 9:15 am rather than the normal time of 4:30 am on a weekday. I’m not sure Sarah (Hansen) appreciated me being refreshed because I’m sure she would have loved to still be sleeping, but I enjoyed throwing my pillow at her and laughing about it before we headed down to breakfast.

Staying at the Hilton is great because their breakfast is really good. Only down part is on game days we can’t have syrup so I was relieved today (Tuesday) we didn’t have a game and I could enjoy a waffle with bacon, fruit, breakfast potatoes and Cran-Apple juice.


The first practice we had we only had 55 minutes on the court so we couldn’t touch the balls until everybody was ready. Steph (Haas) and I were ready; (we) did a little stretching on our own. We decided we wanted to play tag…Coach (Smesko) didn’t really like that idea; I told him we were just warming up our muscles lol. A couple of assistants and some more teammates joined us on the court, and we started playing again without Coach shutting us down. Not our normal way of starting practice, but it was fun to run around like little kids again -- and get everybody laughing.

Before we started practice, Coach brought us all together to address some goals that we have -- goals to help us reach our main goal of taking home another championship. The three primary goals we have been addressing more as of late and the three secondary ones would help more to get the number one goal. There were a few times in practice we weren’t as focused on our goals; but between Sarah, Joyce (Iamstrong), Coach and I, we didn’t allow the team to continue to forget. Plus, the three of us weren’t going to let Coach be the one to remind us and make us run for forgetting. We just played Kennesaw State and didn’t execute against some of their defensive sets the way we wanted to, so cleaning that up looked much better today -- and (we) made adjustments that will better assist us for the game Wednesday afternoon.

Coach continued to prepare us for how we would defend them and make sure we don’t allow them to play into their strengths. Our biggest focus is correcting what we did wrong Saturday night and showing our improvement in the game on Wednesday. Game day is closer!!