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Our Daily Bears on Louisville's upset of Baylor: "It's not a 'masterful gameplan'"

One of the things repeated during the broadcast of the Louisville Cardinals' 82-81 upset win over the defending champion Baylor Lady Bears was that the result was due to an excellent gameplan from coach Jeff Walz.

Mark C. Moore of SB Nation's Our Daily Bears disagreed rather strongly.

I had to turn off the coverage on ESPN after the game because the narrative was driving me crazy. It's not a "masterful gameplan" when it takes hitting 16/25 threes to win the game. Nobody can plan to hit 64% of their shots, and if you do, you're stupid. You can't tell me that Louisville's coach could have predicted how they would call the game in the first half, when Louisville built a huge lead on the back of beating the hell out of Brittney Griner. I understand ESPN wants to give credit where credit is due when one team beats another, but tell the truth. You have an obligation to present things how they are, not how you want people to believe them to be.

The fact is that nobody can "gameplan" for a 30% 3-point shooting team to tie a NCAA record for 3-point shooting. Without taking away anything from what Louisville accomplished, Moore certainly has a point.

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