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Kentucky's defense tries to disrupt Delaware's efficient offense

Greg Alan Edwards of SB Nation's A Sea of Blue previewed the Kentucky Wildcats' matchup with the Delaware Blue Hens today, highlighting the task of defending star forward Elena Delle Donne.

Kentucky will not stop her, they can only hope to contain her. Deny her the ball maybe, but she is going to get hers. That means Kentucky is going to have to play shut down defense on the rest of the entire Delaware team. That, they can do...Delaware commits the least amount of turnovers of any team in the country. They take care of the ball. They commit only 11.7 TO’s per game and their assist-to-turnover ration is 1.1, a seriously low number... Look for this game to grind a bit. It will not be a thing of beauty. Expect Kentucky to try and make it an ugly game and make defense the priority.

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