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Q&A with Delaware star Elena Delle Donne: The NCAA Tournament, UConn, and the future

A brief set of responses from Delaware Blue Hens star Elena Delle Donne captured from a combination of the press conference in Bridgeport and a one-on-one interview.


Q: What is it like having the Vice President as one of your fans?

Elena Delle Donne: He is almost like a friend to us.

Q: Do you plan on playing in Europe in addition to the WNBA?

EDD: No decision about Europe yet. I will play in the WNBA. I also want to play on our Olympic team.

Q: Is there a lot of tension on the team being in the Sweet 16 for the first time ever?

EDD: We are trying to keep ourselves as loose as possible. We joke around the coaches.

Q: Tell us about your relationship with Caroline Doty of UConn?

EDD: We are buddies. I saw her yesterday. We will be friends forever. She is a great basketball player and a better person.

Q: Have you give any though to playing UConn on Monday night if you both win?

EDD: I have not allowed myself to think about playing UConn. We are focused on Kentucky.