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Rumor: Gail Goestenkors to interview with Ohio State

After parting ways with Jim Foster, Ohio State has apparently narrowed down its list of candidates.


It looks like the Ohio State Buckeyes have set their sights on Gail Goestenkors as its next head coach.

She will interview there next week - probably Tuesday - when Athletic director Gene Smith returns from Los Angeles with the men's basketball team, which has advanced to the Elite 8.

Goestenkors previously coached the Texas Longhorns and had a record of 102-63 before resigning a little more than a year ago.

According to a source, Ohio State has also given consideration to Penn State coach Coquese Washington and Brenda Frese of Maryland - which will be a Big Ten member by 2014 - but poaching a coach from within the conference is not favored. Nikki Caldwell of LSU has also been under consideration and still may be.

The Buckeyes reportedly made an attempt to lure UConn's Geno Auriemma to Columbus, but he wasn't interested.

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