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Oklahoma deserves respect for what they've accomplished this season

Jordan Esco of SB Nation's Oklahoma site Crimson and Cream Machine reacted to the Sooners' women's basketball team returning to the Sweet 16 by upsetting UCLA in an inspired post yesterday.

...this Oklahoma team has suffered more than maybe any other Sherri Coale team in her tenure and yet here they are, coming back to play in Oklahoma City and in the Sweet Sixteen. The magnitude of that and what this team has accomplished this year really cannot be emphasized enough...I don't really care whether or not you're aware they were so desperate for bodies, just to be able to go 5-on-5 in practices, that they had to borrow two players from the volleyball team.

At a certain point, it's not really about that. At a certain point, it's about recognizing the accomplishment and giving it the respect it/they deserve.

Oklahoma making the Sweet 16 is not only an impressive statement for Coale's coaching job this year, but also the strength of the Big XII conference which has three teams in the Sweet 16 and another two (Iowa State and Oklahoma State) who were within striking distance.

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