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You can't measure heart

This is why they play the games, huh?

UCLA had beaten Oklahoma in Norman earlier this season. UCLA looked to have as much momentum as anyone in the field of 64 after demolishing Cal and fighting Stanford. Markel Walker is considered a first round-caliber WNBA draft pick by many. And though it was by a slim margin, the statistical projections had UCLA as the favorite across the board.

Though there was reason to believe Oklahoma had a good chance, most of the evidence seemed to tilt in UCLA's favor.

And yet Oklahoma won 85-72.

Rather than wait for a full recap, I offer you this comment from the game thread at SB Nation's Oklahoma site Crimson and Cream Machine.

Words really cannot begin to describe (1) just how big of an accomplishment this is for this particular team and (2) just how great a coaching job Sherri Coale and her staff have done this year.

Nothing short of amazing, IMO.

Big upset for Oklahoma to advance to the Sweet 16 in Oklahoma City, which should give them a little edge when they face the Tennessee Lady Vols.

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