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What South Florida has to do to beat Cal

Collin Sherwin of SB Nation's South Florida site Voodoo Five put together a great article yesterday previewing their meeting with the California Golden Bears in addition to looking at absolute statistical truths in basketball.

Cal is a bigger, more plodding team that USF can absolutely beat. Though their leading scorers are two 5'9 guards in Layshira Clarendon & Brittany Boyd, they'll want to slow the pace vs. the Bulls. Cal averages 70.7 possessions per game, USF 75.3. If the Bulls can push that number over 80, find a way to make some 3's, continue to force deflections and keep Cal out of their half-court offense, they can absolutely win this game. Ignore the seed numbers next to the school names: USF is way underseeded considering their talent in this tournament. This very well could be the first USF team to ever get to a Sweet 16 in basketball. And they are very fun to watch.

The funny thing about people continuing to talk about a Cal-Stanford rematch is that Cal was known to have a difficult path ahead of them from the beginning. South Florida will definitely make this game closer than their seeding suggests.

For more on South Florida - including live reports from Lubbock - check out Voodoo Five's women's tournament storystream. For more on the tournament, visit our NCAA section.