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NCAA Tournament 2013: Cal's Layshia Clarendon on being a #2 seed in the Spokane bracket

Layshia Clarendon shares her thoughts on being selected as the #2 seed in the Spokane bracket of the 2013 NCAA Tournament.


March 18, 2013

The excitement of the next chapter of our season is palpable as we walk as a team up to Memorial Stadium.

Sitting in the nicely decorated room with all of our teammates, coaches, administrators, and various fans, the buzz in the room comes to a hushed silence as we begin to hear the ever so familiar voices of Kara Lawson and Doris Burke. The show takes off with all of the anticipation and energy it never fails to bring.

As the Spokane Region plays out, we all of a sudden hear "#2 seed California"...excitement, screams, and sheer joy coursed throughout the entire room. We were so excited that I don't think we realized who we were playing against until about 5 minutes later when we recapped the brackets. I am so proud of our team this year, and where this program is headed.

We have continually stayed together, remained cohesive and focused on our singular goal of taking each game as it comes. I am proud of my Bears; we earned this. As always, we are ready to take each step as it comes, together.

- Layshia