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Dance Card: Texas Tech, Big XII at-large

Can the Red Raiders defend home court?

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Who? The Red Raiders of Texas Tech. Basketball has sometimes been known as the Lady Raiders, but I think that usage might depend on the coaching staff.

What? Originally the Matadors, they were dubbed the Red Raiders by a sportswriter. The Masked Rider is the true mascot; Raider Red goes where the Masked Rider cannot. Beware of flipbooks, but here's everything you could ever want to know about Texas Tech traditions.

Where? Lubbock, Texas, birthplace of Buddy Holly.

When? March 23rd, in Lubbock, Texas.

Why? They have a good record and a very solid Big XII record.

How? They were an at-large selection.

Surprise? Predicted to finish seventh in the conference, they tied with Oklahoma for third.

RPI: 46

SOS: 51

Record: 21-10 (11-7 Big XII)

Good wins: Illinois.

Bad losses: At New Mexico, even if the Pit is a tough place to play.

Who's in charge around here? Kristy Curry, since 2006. Previously the head coach at Purdue.

Extra, Extra! The Avalanche-Journal.

Senior guard Chynna Brown leads the Red Raiders in scoring, with 13.3 per game; I like the 5.4 rebounds out of her 5-8 frame as well, and the 42% from the field on threes is pretty nice. Senior guard Casey Morris adds 12.1 points per game. Senior guard Monique Smalls dishes a touch over three assists per game. All three of them play well over 30 minutes per game.