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Dance Card: Oklahoma State, Big XII at-large

What can you expect out of the Cowgirls?


Who? The Cowgirls of Oklahoma State.

What? Originally, they were Tigers, like Princeton. Cowboys seemed more appropriate. The story behind Pistol Pete is really cool.

Where? Stillwater, Oklahoma, where the largest Special Olympics event in the US is held.

When? March 24th, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Why? Good TLAs, plus that solid showing against Baylor in the Big XII semifinals.

How? They were an at-large selection.

Surprise? Predicted to finish sixth in the conference, they ended up in fifth.

RPI: 37

SOS: 47

Record: 21-10 (9-9 Big XII)

Good wins: Iowa State.

Bad losses: At TCU.

Who's driving this thing? Jim Littell, since 2011, a veteran of the junior college scene.

Extra, Extra! The Stillwater NewsPress. Also, the Oklahoman.

Dynamic senior forward Toni Young leads the Cowgirls with 15.9 points and 10.1 rebounds per game. Junior guard Tiffany Bias averages 6.7 assists per game to go with her 12.1 points- the ball is in her hands a lot, and she knows what to do with it. Sophomore forward Liz Donohoe has been making some noise late in the season, and she's not afraid of anyone.

Jim Littell rides his top four hard, all of them putting in more than thirty minutes per game. It'll be interesting to see how they last under the time pressure of the NCAA tournament.