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Dance Card: Green Bay, Horizon champions

The Phoenix rises. Again.


Who? The Phoenix of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

What? I don't know if it's better than Fighting Tomatoes, especially given that they're Green Bay. Wouldn't you want to root for the Killer Green Tomatoes? Phlash was the first D-I phoenix.

Where? Green Bay, Wisconsin. There's a football team there, you know.

When? March 17th, in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Why? They won the Horizon League conference tournament.

How? Sarah Eichler had 16 points, seven rebounds, and four assists, Adrian Richie had 15 points and nine rebounds, and Green Bay committed only five turnovers in their 54-38 win over Loyola of Illinois.

Surprise? Predicted to finish first in the conference, they finished first and undefeated in Horizon League play, five games ahead of Youngstown State.

RPI: 23

SOS: 147

Record: 29-2 (16-0 Horizon)

Good wins: Missouri in the Cancun Challenge.

Bad losses: At Central Michigan, though this might look better now.

Who's running this show? Kevin Borseth, since 2012. He seems to like hard Cs/Ks.

Extra, Extra! The Green Bay Press-Gazette.

The seniors dominate this team- their top four scorers are all seniors and have been down this road again and again. Guard Adrian Richie leads them with 14.1 points; she and Lydia Bauer are both dangerous beyond the arc. They rebound well, they value the ball, and they defend the living daylights out of their opponents (second in the nation in scoring defense at 48.3, and that might be skewed by the 89-86 loss to James Madison). Underestimating the Phoenix rarely ends well.