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Dance Card: St. Joseph's, Atlantic-10 champions

More proof that the Hawk will never die.


Who? The Hawks of St. Joseph's.

What? Hawks won out over Grenadiers. And as we all know, the Hawk will never die.

Where? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the City of Brotherly Love, stop laughing.

When? March 16th in Brooklyn, New York.

Why? They won the Atlantic-10 conference tournament.

How? Natasha Cloud had 15 points to lead the Hawks, who found their offense in the second half to come back against Fordham 47-45 (read more in the GNoD).

Surprise? Predicted to finish sixth in the conference, they tied for fourth with Duquesne.

RPI: 36

SOS: 55

Record: 23-8 (11-3 A-10)

Good wins: Maryland.

Bad losses: Nothing egregious. That Fordham overtime game looks mighty interesting now, though.

Who's driving this thing? Cindy Griffin, since 2001. Studied accounting at St. Joseph's.

Extra, Extra!

Dutch senior Chatilla van Grinsven leads the way for the Hawks, pulling down 10.5 rebounds and putting up 15.1 points per game. Three-point shooting junior Erin Shields is almost exclusively an outside threat- but at 37.6% from beyond the arc and 11.8 points per game, she's a dangerous one. I find the balance of shot attempts fascinating- it suggests an offense that finds the open man frequently.