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Dance Card: Montana, Big Sky champions

These bears have been here before.

Who? The Grizzlies of Montana. I've often heard them called the Lady Griz, but I'm not sure if that's an official nickname or not.

What? Monte is short for Montana. But there have been many Grizzlies.

Where? Missoula, Montana, hometown of the awesome Jeannette Rankin.

When? March 16th, in Missoula, Montana.

Why? They won the Big Sky conference tournament.

How? Kenzie De Boer had 19 points, and Montana overcame 27.3% shooting from the field to beat Northern Colorado 56-43.

Surprise? Predicted to finish third in the conference, they finished in first, one game ahead of Northern Colorado.

RPI: 74

SOS: 182

Record: 24-7 (16-4 Big Sky)

Good wins: At UNLV, I guess. What's with the extra exhibition game?

Bad losses: Montana State.

Who's in charge around here? Robin Selvig, since 1978. He was putting teams in the NCAA tournament before I was born. Holy carp.

Extra, Extra! The Missoulian.

Senior guards Katie Baker and Kenzie De Boer lead the way for the Lady Griz, averaging over 13 points per game each. Baker adds 7.4 rebounds for Montana. I like the A/TO numbers there- positive and fairly balanced in that positivity.