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Dance Card: Hampton, MEAC champions

These Pirates will leave you with nothing.

Who? The Pirates of Hampton. They appear to be insistent on Lady Pirates, though they also seem to have lost the really cool alternate logo.

What? A very good question to which Googling provides no answer.

Where? Hampton, Virginia, which claims to be the oldest continuously occupied English settlement in the United States.

When? March 16th, in Norfolk, Virginia.

Why? They won the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference tournament.

How? Hampton forced Howard into 21.1% shooting and won 59-38 behind 16 points from Olivia Allen.

Surprise? Predicted to finish second in the conference, they finished first and undefeated in MEAC play, three games ahead of North Carolina A&T.

RPI: 83

SOS: 319

-Record: 28-5 (16-0 MEAC)

Good wins: LSU.

Bad losses: Prairie View at Toledo.

Who's running this show? David Six, since 2009, originally from Brooklyn. (I knew there was something I liked about him.)

Extra, Extra! The Daily Press

Senior guard Keiara Avant leads the Lady Pirates with 16.3 points and 10.3 rebounds per game, but the big number is 47.5. That's the NCAA-best points allowed by Hampton this year. Hampton games are not going to be pretty- if they get matched with a team that's a bit careless, it might not be good for that higher seed. And the Lady Pirates have a chip on their shoulders after last year's tournament, when they felt they were not properly respected.