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Ruthie Bolton, Ticha Penicheiro appeared at a rally in support of bringing WNBA back to Sacramento

A pair of former Sacramento Monarchs stars appeared at a rally yesterday in support of bringing the WNBA back to Sacramento as part of a larger effort to keep their NBA team in town.

Photo by Craig Bennett/112575 Media.

Former Sacramento Monarchs stars Ruthie Bolton and Ticha Penicheiro appeared at a rally sponsored by Think Big Sacramento to help in the effort to keep the NBA's Sacramento Kings in town, as reported by Kelly Johnson of the Sacramento Business Journal.

"Sacramento deserves to be a part of the WNBA," Bolton said in a news release. "The Monarchs franchise has a great legacy and fan base in this community, and I'm committed to doing everything I can to help bring a team back to Sacramento."

Think promoting the possible return of the Monarchs as a source of new jobs and activity for the proposed downtown arena as well as a "family-friendly civic amenity for the region" and another way to brand Sacramento on a national and international level.

As mentioned previously here and at SB Nation's Sactown Royalty, former NBA player and Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson has already notified the WNBA of his intent to bring a team back to Northern California.

For more reasons to believe in Sacramento, check out Sactown Royalty's storystream about the ongoing effort to keep their town's team.