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Bridgeport bracket in 2013 NCAA Tournament could rekindle Tennessee, UConn meeting

Charlie Creme's latest bracketology has the Tennessee Lady Vols as a three seed heading to the Norfolk region. However, a three seed for the Lady Vols would also present the 2013 NCAA Tournament selection committee with the opportunity to put them in the Bridgeport region with the Connecticut Huskies and reinvigorate one of the game's best rivalries.

Tennessee has not played UConn since 2007 when Pat Summitt cancelled the series, but Holly Warlick is open to reviving it.
Tennessee has not played UConn since 2007 when Pat Summitt cancelled the series, but Holly Warlick is open to reviving it.
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA often does some ironic things in both men's and women's seeding. This year it has a real opportunity in the Bridgeport Regional.

There is no doubt that UConn will be the no. 1 seed in that region and it is expected that Penn State will be the no. 2 seed. The key decision could come in at numbers. 3 and 4.

Tennessee has had a better than expected season. They finished at 24-7 and won the SEC regular season title over Kentucky. They certainly had a strong shot to win the SEC tourney.

Tennessee is a logical no. 3 seed and although the Selection Committee has had opportunities to send Tennessee to UConn's region before, it has not done so. This year it would make a lot of sense and might even served to reinvigorate the series.

Tennessee and UConn have not met since 2007 when then Tennessee head coach Pat Summitt unceremoniously cancelled the series. Obviously, due to illness Summitt is not longer the head coach and Holly Warlick has taken over the reigns. By all accounts, Warlick is not opposed to the series starting again.

Delaware stands at 27-3 and has a First Team All-American in Elena Delle Donne. The interesting fact about Delle Donne is that she had committed to UConn and actually spent one day on campus in summer practice. She would have been a senior last year and it is very possible that UConn would have won the National Championship with her. Delaware is a logical no. 4 seed in the Bridgeport region and actually has 2 possible home games in the opening rounds of the NCAA's.

The Arena at Harbor Yard, likely to be sold out anyway on at least April 1 for the Elite Eight game, would really be humming on March 31 as well if Delaware was playing Tennessee for a chance to play UConn in the Elite Eight.

There is a good chance that the above scenario could happen. It would be a dream match-up for ESPN.