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"Diggins" dealt in a three team trade? Okay, it's a typo...

Check this out from


Yeah, this is the front page noting Sue Bird will miss the 2013 season.... but look at the bottom of the line where it says ">>More." Here, "The Lynx Acquire McCarville, Deal Diggins in 3-Team Trade."

I saw it yesterday evening, and knew it was a typo because "Diggins" is supposed to be guard Candice Wiggins who was on the Lynx last year and was traded to the Tulsa Shock in a three team deal which also involved the New York Liberty. I thought someone at the NBA's website team would find it pretty quick and correct it accordingly. Obviously, Skylar Diggins is still in college.

But it's still here as of 11:15 AM Eastern Time.....

UPDATE, March 13, 2013 at 5:00 PM ET

The NBA website team has now corrected it. See pic below: Corrected_medium