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Storm President/CEO Karen Bryant: Sue Bird's knee cyst was "increasing in size" and could put her at risk of a "catastrophic injury"

Here is Seattle Times reporter Jayda Evans' article on the announcement of Seattle Storm guard Sue Bird missing the 2013 WNBA season. While it is known that Bird is not in pain, Team President and CEO Karen Bryant said some rather scary things in regards to her knee cyst.

First, she noted that "multiple doctors" believed that having her "compete through a WNBA season would significantly increase the risk for a catastrophic injury." No one knows why the cyst showed up, but Bryant added that "the cyst developed, and it's increasing in size." Lastly, a team source in the article mentioned that knee cysts could feel like a meniscus tear and cause pain though that's not the case, at least right now with Bird.

From reading this article, it sounds like it's a good thing that this decision was made in light of the risk of Bird playing with a growing cyst. I don't even want to know what a "catastrophic" injury would mean since I've seen something close to that earlier in January on the gridiron when the Redskins played against the Seahawks in the NFL playoffs.

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