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Previewing the 2013 NCAA tournament brackets

With a number of potential top seeds in the upcoming 2013 NCAA tournament falling this weekend, how might things stand now?


It is still a little early to project the seeds and where the teams will be sent but after today's Conference game here is our initial attempt at the top:

OKLAHOMA CITY REGION - Baylor is a given as the overall no. 1 seed, despite its struggles with Oklahoma State today. Kentucky, after losing to Texas A&M, has fallen to the last no. 2 seed. Texas A&M is projected as the no. 3 seed in this region, given its previous rivalry with Baylor.

BRIDGEPORT REGION - UConn should win handily over Notre Dame Tuesday and secure the overall no. 2 seed by virtue of its pounding of both Stanford and Duke during the season. Penn State, despite its earlier match-up with UConn, is presumed to be the no. 2 in Bridgeport. Tennessee, not having played UConn since 2007, is projected as a no. 3 seed.

NORFOLK REGION - Notre Dame should be the third overall no. 1 seed and slated to play in Norfolk. The no. 2 will either be Cal or Duke, depending on whether the Committee is willing to send Cal to Spokane. Georgia is projected as the no. 3 seed in this region.

SPOKANE REGION - Stanford, the winner of the PAC-10 tourney, will be the no. 1 seed in this region due to the pod system. As previously stated, either Duke or Cal will be the no. 2 and either would be a difficult match-up for the Cardinal and the most likely to knock off a no. 1 before the Final Four. Maryland will be a worthy no. 3 in Spokane.