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Texas A&M's handling of Kentucky's pressure helps them win SEC women's basketball tournament

Jim Hu writing at SB Nation's Good Bull Hunting sums up the Texas A&M Aggies' 75-67 win over the Kentucky Wildcats in the SEC Tournament Championship not by focusing solely on star center Kelsey Bone but instead their response to the 40 Minutes of Dread defense.

On offense, A&M put on a passing clinic, finishing with 19 assists. As predicted, A&M repeatedly used the back door cuts to take advantage of [Wildcat] pressure and aggressively attacked downcourt. I was surprised how often the Ags were able to hit long outlets for fast breaks. Although the Ags had 18 turnovers, the same number as in Reed, the kinds of turnovers were very, very different. Today, the turnovers happened when a long outlet was just out of the reach of a streaking Maroon uniform.

Not that Bone's 14th double-double of the season wasn't impressive, but to get her the ball and beat Kentucky requires handling that pressure as well.

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